Solve Polynomial Systems by PHCpack(beta)

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A brief introduction to PHCWeb

PHCpack Web Interface intends to create an intuitive user interface to solve polynomial systems.

PHC Web Interface


Main functions of PHCpack Web Interface:

How to solve a polynomial system by PHCWeb?

  1. Enter your polynomial system in the textarea.
  2. PHC Web Interface
  3. Click "Solve" button to get solutions. If the solution is large, it will take some time and you might need to click update to check the newest result.
  4. PHC Web Interface
  5. Give your system a name. Click on "Save as" to save it.
  6. PHC Web Interface
  7. If you have a similar solution with different efficients. Click on "Solve Similar", change the coefficents and use homotopy to solve your new system.
  8. PHC Web Interface

How to manage my polynomial systems in PHCWeb?

  1. Click "My Polynomial Systems" on the top.
  2. PHC Web Interface
  3. You have entire table of all polynomials you have solved. You can check solutions and phc report. You can also transfer solution to maple or python format.
  4. PHC Web Interface